Infant Program

Our infant program is both nurturing and full of exciting exploration. Your baby is welcomed into a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, with individual attention and care given to their individual needs. A nurturing environment allows the child to explore and become more independent. Language skills are taught by conversation between our caregivers and the infants. During this first exciting year, many gross motor skills are mastered such as crawling, sitting, holding a bottle and pulling oneself to a standing position. Lots of personal attention and interaction between our teachers and your infant promote basic intellectual and social skills.  Singing, reading, and talking are just some of the behaviors that support development during this critical stage.  As parents often note, our staff gladly get down and play with the kids or give them a snuggle - just like home.

Toddler Program

Our toddler program provides the mental and physical stimuli and activities that will help your little one learn to explore and grow in a healthy and safe environment.  The relationship between your toddler and his or her teacher is strengthened daily by learning new vocabulary through imitation and repetition.  Because toddlers are gaining independence, we support their desires to learn to feed themselves and help with meal preparation, fostering self-help skills.  Outdoor and indoor activities include opportunities for exercise and engaging in jumping, running, kicking and throwing. Our very active toddlers spend their day exploring, discovering and interacting socially with friends.  As they progress in age they will learn self-help skills that prepare them for our preschool program, while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program focuses on preparing your child for Kindergarten.  We build upon social and motor skills your child has, adding theme-based academic learning through play.  Combining creativity and basic skills, our preschoolers experience a wide range of subjects including reading, language, math, music, physical education and much more. Children are provided free expression in physical art and music.  Art walls and other forms of displaying their creations are a key component to our environment.  Time spent outdoors allows opportunities to develop advanced coordination and large muscle skills. Children develop self-control through jumping, dancing, balancing and playing sports and games. A variety of educational activities introduces a world of new challenges to our preschoolers.