It's A Kidz World Childcare & Preschool currently participates in  the NYS Child and Adult Care Food Program, CACFP. Our food program allows us to offer a morning breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. All meals are planned around the CACFP guidelines to ensure healthy food choices. 

Rotating Lunch Menu

B- Toast and Apple Slices


L-Cheese Pizza, fruit cocktail, cucumbers, & cornbread


S- Saltines

B- Kix Cereal & Bananas


L- Peanut Butter & Banana Tortilla Roll Up w/ Carrot sticks & pears


S- Cheese Crackers

B-English Muffin w/ Mandarin Oranges


L- Grilled Chicken Nuggets, green beans, mixed fruit, & bread w/ butter


S- Apple Muffin

B-Toasted Bagel w/ Melon


L- Scrambled Eggs, toast, grapes, & applesauce


S- Pretzels

B- French Toast & Strawberries


L-Turkey Roll ups, wheat bread, carrots, & peaches


S- Wheat Thins

B- Chex Cereal & Peaches


L- Sloppy Jo (Turkey burger w/ sauce) on a roll, toss salad (lettuce, cucumbers, &tomato), & pineapple


S- Rice Cakes

B- English Muffins w/ Watermelon


L- Grilled Chicken, Stir Fry w/ carrots, corn, & broccoli, apple slices, white rice.


S- Cornbread Muffins

B- Waffles w/ Grapes


L- Peanut Butter & Jelly, mixed fruit, & grapes.


S- Cheese Crackers

B- Cheerios w/ Mixed Fruit


L- Grilled Cheese, carrot sticks, & orange slices.


S- Ritz Crackers

B- Corn Muffins & Cantaloupe


L- Meatballs w/ sauce on a roll, lettuce & cucumber, & apples


S- Wheat Thins

B- Toasted Bagel & Banana


L- Taco, turkey & beans, lettuce, tomato, on a flour tortilla & pineapple.


S- Animal Crackers

B- Toast & Melon


L- Pancakes, sausage links, bananas, & home fries


S- Cinnamon Toast

B- Kix Cereal & Peaches


L- Macaroni & Cheese w/ elbow noodles, corn, & watermelon


S- Saltines

B- Oatmeal and Apples


L- Grilled Chicken Nuggets, mashed potatoes, bread & butter & grapes


S- Oyster Crackers

B- Corn Flakes & Pears


L- Turkey subs w/ lettuce & tomato, & melon


S- pretzels

B- Toast & Watermelon


L- Turkey Burger, corn, potatoes, bread & butter, & cantelope.


S- muffins

B- Pancakes & Cantaloupe


L- Egg Salad on Wheat, peaches, & green peppers


S- Graham Crackers

B- Oatmeal & Bananas


L- Wheat Bagel, yogurt, carrots, and mixed fruit


S- Crackers

B- Chex Cereal & Grapes


L- Grilled Cheese, pears, & salad (lettuce, tomatoes, & cucumber)


S- Pretzel Sticks

B- Toast & Pears


L- Taco w/ a whole wheat tortilla shell, ground burger, lettuce, tomato, and a slice of watermelon


S- Ritz Crackers

 -B-Breakfast, L- Lunch, S- Afternoon Snack * All meals and snack are served w/ milk (Under 2 years whole milk, 2 & over 1% milk)